Victor Pereira
Several groups of visitors from Lithuania have been in Portugal already, intermediated by me and my wife. We have put in the hands of Magdalena the organization and coordination of the whole task and we can only say that we are very delighted with her work.
Michal is just great :) Some of our friends are a bit older, and have difficulties with their feet, or their knees. Michal was very sensitive to this, and gave us many opportunities to sit and relax, and to enjoy each other's friendship, and our new friendship with him, also.
As we see our friends in various places at the Convention now, each time they give me BIG hugs and tell me again and again that our tour with Michal was the most fun they have had in years. I think that for some of them it was quite an accomplishment to walk so far, to laugh so much, to learn so much, and to sample so many types of drink!!!

Again - thank you, and thanks to Michal.
Justyna, Poland
When my friend and I visited Portugal in September Magda was of great help to us. She booked a hotel for us in the city centre and met with us the day we arrived to suggest places worth visiting. She's a very likeable person. She's also very reliable and possesses a great knowledge of the places worth seeing in Lisbon and its vicinity. I can wholeheartedly recommend her services.
Barbara, Ireland
I was on pelgrimage with 33 people. We were at the beginning of April. The weather was lovely. We visited Lisbon and surroundings and also Fatima. Our Ms.Magda organized everything so well that we managed to see the Alfama, Baixa, Belem, Sintra, Cabo da Roco, and many other places in three days! 8)
Fatima of course wonderful, we all fell in love. There was time for focus and prayer. We had a Way of the Cross, holy rosary and the mass. It was all in one day! :roll
If anyone is looking for a good conductor, Magda i Michał are good professionals and honest people, on which you really can depend. :p
Joana Mazvyliene
Precision. Expertise. Competence. Speed. Thank you, Magdalena! You are perfect! :)
Kristina, Lithuania
Thanks MBC for good trip, people very nice and very pleasant, they all were very happy for interesting route.
So, I come back next year to your country!!!!!!!! With new group
Best impresion from Portugal I hear from my group! :grin
We are a couple, since you got married in 1960, we dreamed to know Spain. Over the years we have been visiting other countries in South America but had never traveled to Europe. We visited Madrid and Barcelona and we really liked! We were to see the map of other cities in Spain and I remembered a movie about Lisbon, do not remember the name now, and I was curious. I decided to ask my husband if we could go to Lisbon. It was there that we knew your company and your dear Beneditta, always very friendly. Kisses to her! It was very nice, your program "Lisbon's charms" was a fantastic surprise and we loved Lisbon, the sun, the food, the people but also Cascais and Sintra. Very good! Very important to us was your support service 24h/day. At our age we have these health concerns and safety! Thank you for the beautiful ones stay!
Beneditta hope to see again when we return next year. Maybe our son will go to!
Rose and Ernest
Excellent tour-Portugal I had thanks to Magda. She is not only an excellent organizer but also Her knowledge of Lisbon?s off sites, Portugese culture and customs allowed to feel safe, comfortable and well-treated. Since the visit in Portugal I have a constant hunger for more. And definitelly with help of Magda. Well, I've never really given Her my thanks... big time, Magda!
Cris, Germany
I was in Portugal 3 weeks ago. I know that winter isn´t good time for visit. But with MBC all time is good. That´s true, nobody is perfect. But when I met people, who think about clients not only money. That´s is realy nice. 8)
Lets go to Portugal agin
Today we came back from Portugal.
It was super! Last days of full sun.
Guide who was accompanying us are not always can answer to our questions.But the Russian language creates a problem for many people.
Lisbon is beautiful and there was very little time to see everything.
MBC suggestions have helped us greatly to make a choice...
Thanks a lot and see you again :)
Everything as promised. No dissapointments , only positive impressions. Perfect service! Recommend visit to Portugal for all people looking for special atmosphere during holiday. I hope I'll have a chance to visit this country again.
These were wonderful holidays! Experiences and impressions will remain with me to entire life. I recommend services MBC. Thanks a lot! See you again!
Fantastic, friendly staff, fast and perfect service. The places I visited thanks to Magdalena were unusual and will stay in my mind till the end of my life.
It's good travel agency for people of different ages and it's a place where I would recommend someone to go to if they want to have fun or simply relax and enjoy their vacation.
Sonia G.
I love Lisbon :D
I love Portugalllllll
The country is beautiful, people are very nice and food and wine are great!!!!!!! :p
My holidays were magnificent 8)
I miss Lisbon! :(
THX MAGDA!!!!!!!!!!
I must admit I was having a great time in Portugal, not only did I go sightseeing, but also I stayed on the beach! I had a car in rental for 2 days and it allowed me to see much more than I had imagened :) It was good to have everything organised like I wanted, you don't have to bother about lots of things. Definitely recommended!
Thanks Magdalena
Thank you very much for organizing our stay in Portugal and a great guide- Christopher. I have to mention that he has deep historical knowledge, very good contact with people and is a great person to work with.
Again, thank you very much and I am sending my best regards.
We returned home safely and very happy. In the name of all who took part in this amazing adventure I would like to thank again for helping to organize our stay. God bless you.
Ela z Kielc
I would like to thank you for showing me and my tourists magical Lisbon. Thank you for great places, tasty food, liters of wine and for all those amazing stories about Portugal and Portuguese.
And of course, we will never forget our Fado night ;)
Hope to see you soon.
I would like to thank Magdalena for organizing our stay in Lisbon from 18.06.2012- 22.06.2012.The trip went well and smooth and everything was prepared professionally.
Gosia from Bielsko
Thank you very much for taking care of our group during our stay in Portugal, nice and helpful messages, heart shown to us (what happens hardly ever in this business).
Manuel de Silva –golden man, who works a lot, but I have never seen such a professional who is not only nice, but also hardworking and helpful. He always smiles and love tourists- he is just great!
Everyone is very pleased with the trip (they wrote about it in the questionnaire) and some would like to write few words to your office personally. It was a winner trip, and that is what we work for. Satisfaction of our tourists is the most important for us.
From my side, I would also like to thank you for great organization, super hotel, and the nicest driver. That is how I can work!
We would like to thank you very much for taking care of our group during our stay in Lisbon. We were really lucky, that it was you who showed us Lisbon and surroundings.
We really enjoyed spending time with you. You helped us discover the best of Lisbon and filled us with interesting facts from history and culture of this country.
Now, we know what Portugal means. We will always remember the amazing time we spent with you!
We would like to thank again for great times we spent together in Lisbon. We never thought our trip to Lisbon would be as amazing and full of emotions as it was. Special thanks to Magdalena and Michal for professional help and engagement. We wish you more and more customers and growth of the business!
Lisbon is a beautiful city. The trip organized by MBC Home was great. Special “thank you” to Magdalena.
Beautiful country and professional service from MBC Home.
I visited Lisbon two weeks ago with MBC home and honestly I have no bad word to say about it. In the airport member of MBC Home waited for us and welcomed us, later we visited the most important places in Lisbon with Magda and to be honest, I fell in love with Portugal. I
I hope to return there one day and for sure using professional services of MBC.
Eva from Slovakia
I really enjoyed tour with Alex, it was full of interesting information and nice places :) She also gave me many interesting tips what to do in Lisbon and what places to see! I would definitely reccommend!!
Brita from Minneapol
I signed up for the tour of Lisbon and Belem. I was the only one on both tours, so Alex did both tours with me back-to-back. I would highly recommend both tours. Alex is a professional, highly-knowledg eable, and friendly guide. A great introduction to Lisbon!
BR from Ireland
My friends and I had a fantastic tour of Lisbon with Alex Fri 29th April. Alex has so much information and makes it all very interesting. I was amazed at how much of Lisbon we covered. Alex spoke for the whole tour and was still smiling at the end of it! She is a very warm person and gave us a brilliant introduction to Lisbon historically and geographically, even a few tips on where to eat.Thank you Alex so much. I highly recommend this tour.
We got married in Lisbon and Magda arranged our wedding dinner. It was a magnificent event and we are very happy with al the help we got. Thank you Magda for making our special day just exeptional :D
Obrigado em nome próprio e de todo o grupo, pelo profissional e cuidados com o nosso grupo. Sra. Aneta foi super! Teve muita compreensão! No primeiro dia mostrou muitos lugares bonitos, é difícil lembrar de tudo em Belém. Com visita ao Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, à Torre de Belém e Padrão dos Descobrimentos estávamos encantados. A senhora passou nos muitas informações interessantes. O passeio via Alfama no ultimo dia foi OTIMO! Estes caminhos de ida e volta no eléctrico 28 foram inesquecíveis também jantar com fado foi SUPER!!!! Clima e atmosfera, inesquecível. Cantores de fado óptimos e guitarristas que tocaram muito bem. Foi realmente muito bom!!!! OBRIGADO!!!

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