Portugal is a outstanding exotic country, which magnetic beauty attracts tourists. The variety of monuments and landscapes combined with climatic corners will make you willing to come back over here. In order to differentiate yet more your adventure in Portugal, we offer unusual attractions: sports, meeting with nature, art and culture. We are confident everyone will choose something suitable.

  •     Marlin fishing - it’s extremely tenacious idea for fishing enthusiasts. Several-hour cruise on the porto covo vi 250open sea and the satisfaction of the caught fish will remain in the memory for a long time. Coast of Portugal and Madeira is a great place to catch a blue marlin. Anglers from all over the world come here just to catch a fish of large size and weight. Marlin weighing 450 kg is not uncommon and the average weight is 340 kg. We offer cruises with experienced crew, which knows local waters.
  •     Rivers, lakes, the ocean cruises - Get on board of pirate boat, catamaran or luxury yacht in the idyllic scenario. Feel the adrenalin on a jet ski. See the landscape of vineyards and underwater caves. Find hidden beaches ... all that is possible in Portugal.
  •     Dolphins watching - a great attraction not only for children. Dolphins are wonderful, intelligent, and graceful animals. In wild nature present themselves impressively. The best sites in Portugal to watch dolphins are Algarve coast and the mouth of the River Sado in Setubal.
  •     Surfing and kitesurfing - Portuguese coast provides a wide variety of conditions: a strong and consistent waves, peaceful and joyful swimming areas, to challenging trails and rocky reefs. But most of all, the Portuguese coast offers reliable conditions for water sports throughout the year.
  •     Music festivals - cultural events organized regularly for years, being very popular among Portuguese as well as foreign tourists. The greatest music-stars, excellent organization and lot of fun. Perfect weather in Portugal favors events organized in the open air. The ideal choice for music fans. Some of the festivals that take place during the summer.
  •     Golf - Portugal is famous for its golf courses. The game itself is simple. No special abilities are Untitled-4required, even children can play it. The rules are simple - golf is easier than you think!
  •     Carting - Adrenaline rush and sport competition! Feel like you were on a real race track, compete with colleagues and explore the taste of victory.
  •     Parachuting - let your dreams of flying come trough! Tandem Skydiving is a great way to overcome your fear and start to soar in the air under the care of a professional instructor. It’s n extreme sport, and at the same time very safe. Observation of fascinating views while parachuting gives you far more fun than an airplane window.
  •     Vintage and 'wine route' - your trip to Portugal would be incomplete if you don’t try great Portuguese wines: white, red, pink, green, muscatel, port, Madeira ... we offer visits and tastings in the vineyards picturesquely situated at Setubal and Douro region, not only for connoisseurs.
  •     Azulejos painting workshops - painted ceramic tiles are one of the most important elements of Portuguese culture. Azulejos are beautiful decoration of interior and exterior of houses, they are also a lovely souvenir. A trip to a factory of ceramic tiles, learning steps of manufacturing process is a unique opportunity to paint your own plate. Hand-painted azulejos a great idea for integration that gives a lot of joy out of your work.
  •     Fado Live - acquiring music, born in the winding and 'forbidden' streets of Alfama, listened to at traditional pubs will be an excellent complement to your visit to Lisbon.
  •     Jeep safari - a wonderful and unforgettable Safari leads you to the most beautiful and interesting places of Portugal (near by Sintra, Setubal peninsula or region of Algarve).
  •     Visiting Lisbon by 'magic' Tram 28 - the most pleasant and most atmospheric way to move carreira 250around Lisbon. It’s more than walking, it is the ability to know the true face of the city. Yellow “electrico” is the most important symbol of Lisbon, and a ride through the winding and narrow streets gives a lot of experience.
  •     Culinary Workshops - Portuguese cuisine is very different than ours. Completely different dominant components, different way of cooking, exotic spices make the enthusiasts of exploring new tastes will be satisfied. cooking workshop is a great way for group integration, including a visit to a traditional market, shopping, cooking and tasting the prepared meals together.

And a lot more...

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